Jul 20

Recipe #2.

Here is another homemade dog treat recipe in our ongoing series of recipes. Please see the original post for more valuable information and tips on how to make these cookies.

Jul 9

A couple of years ago we must've had the perfect mushroom growing weather because I found some of the coolest looking mushrooms that I had ever seen on our property. I just completely geeked-out and started snapping pictures every time I saw one.  Every day, I would run out with my camera to go hunting for a new one, and I had a surprising buddy on these daily hunts! See if you can spot a clue in one of the pictures!


I will post his full picture at the end!

Jun 29

A hairball is a solid mass of cat hair that forms in a cat's stomach or intestines over time as the result of their daily grooming habits. If large enough, they can cause an intestinal blockage. Most cats are susceptible to hairball problems due to the compulsive, and sometimes excessive, grooming.  Long-haired cats tend to have even more problems due to their thicker coats.  

Simply speaking, hairballs are a digestive problem, and a cat's hair is basically just dead protein. This is…

Jun 3

We previously made these cookies and offered them for sale online as well as our brick-and-mortar store. People, as well as their beloved dogs, absolutely loved them. One of the best things about these homemade dog treats is that by following the directions below, they will have a much longer shelf life than most "homemade" dog treats. As a matter of fact, we never had even one cookie go bad. Of course, that could also be owed to the fact that they sold as fast as we could make them! But…

Jan 24

Three old t-shirts (Be sure you don’t want to wear them anymore, as you will be cutting them up!)
Pair of sharp scissors


STEP 1: Cut your t-shirts into 3 long strips. This is where you can customize the size of the finished toy. Our pictured toy was created for a 26 pound dog using strips approximately 2 inches wide x 15 inches long.