Soft Sided Crocheted Pet Basket Bed, Taupe Brown

Taupe Brown Small Round Pet Bed Soft-sided crocheted pet bed. Soft round small pet bed.
Soft Sided Crocheted Pet Basket Bed, Taupe Brown
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These unique pet beds are crocheted using a washable blanket yarn that pets love. They are soft and squishy beds with soft sides. They are not constructed with any plastic or hard parts keeping the sides up. They will squish down and pop back up with just a tug. Animals love to use the sides as a pillow, or just curl up inside the bed. These beds will keep your pet warm in the winter but will be used and loved all year long! These beds are a great choice for small and/or older pets who find climbing into high-sided, or dense beds, too difficult. 

Available in Two Sizes: 13" in diameter x 5" high or 16" diameter x 5" high
Recommended size limits: 13" up to approximately 10 pounds, 16" up to approximately 15 pounds.

Material: Polyester
Care: Machine Wash, cold-gentle. Tumble Dry, low-delicate.