Fresh Dried Catnip Organically Grown in USA

Organically grown whole-leaf catnip packaged in a reclosable natural paper bag. Loose whole leaf catnip herb freshly dried and bright green. Fresh organically grown catmint herb for cats.
Fresh Dried Catnip Organically Grown in USA
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Our catnip is whole leaf, not catnip dust like the big box stores, and so fresh and potent your cat will know what’s in the bag before you do.

Handpicked and dried in whole leaf form, which creates a much fresher and more potent product. Crunch up a little bit at a time for your cat at playtime, releasing a fresh burst of catnip aroma to drive your cat wild! Or rub a little onto an old cat toy, cat tree or scratch pad to renew your cat’s interest in those items.

One .5-ounce bag.
Grown organically in the USA!
No pesticides or herbicides.

Keep stored in sealed bag for the longest life and freshness. Properly stored, this catnip will stay fresh and potent for a year or more!