Does my pet really need a bed or blanket?

January 24, 2022

Dogs and cats (as well as most pets for that matter) can benefit greatly from having their own bed or blanket, and so can you! Here’s how:

  1. It provides a great place to “send” your dog when you need them out from under foot. “Go to your bed” or “go lay down on your blankie” are great commands to teach your dog.
  2. Dog hair, cat hair and dander tend to really cling to where your pet routinely lays down. A washable bed makes the task of cleaning up dander and hair much easier, as it is mostly confined to their bed.
  3. Dogs and cats need to have their own place/space to feel safe and secure, and giving your pet their own bed or blanket is an easy way to accomplish this.
  4. As your dog or cat ages, a bed will provide much comfort and relief to those aching joints and provide needed warmth. As animals age, they tend to lose that protective layer of fat, and as a result they get cold much easier.
  5. Pet beds and/or pet blankets save wear and tear on your rugs and furniture. Providing a protective layer between your pet and your furniture or carpeting can help prevent snags, rips and tears from your pet’s nails as well as keeping hair, dander, and dirt from embedding into the nap and fibers of your furnishings!