January 2020

New Crocheted Paw Print Pet Mats

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Blue Crocheted Paw Print Pet Mat

Our crocheted pet mats available in 3 new color choices! Each one features our signature paw print emblem to designate this mat as your pet's very own special resting place. These mats are great for placing on a couch or chair to keep your pet's hair off and to make a nice comfortable place for your pet to lay down. Both cats and dogs really seem to love the warmth and feel of the special spun yarn used to make these mats! 

What Is Catnip? How Does It Effect Your Cat? Tips On How To Use It

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Since catnip is actually a relative of the marijuana plant (in a far-off manner) the effect can be loosely compared to the high of marijuana. The purpose of giving your cat catnip is for the cat's entertainment and enjoyment of the natural high. Catnip is an herb belonging to the Labiatae family and contains nepetalactone, which is the active chemical in catnip responsible for your cat's funny behavior. It is closely related to an active ingredient in female cat urine (which is why we must keep our cat Lilly far away from catnip. She will "mark" whenever she smells it.