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Natural Organic Catnip Bouncy Door Hang Cat Toy

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This handmade cat toy is made using all natural materials, including 100% wool yarn, plant derived Fiberfill, and organic catnip (if you choose). Hang it on the doorknob for your cat to play alone, or grab it by the handle and drag it along the floor for fun interactive play!
Choose to have ball stuffed with a generous amount of organically grown catnip, or no catnip added.
  • Size: Handle: 4" long, Bouncy: approximately 15" long, Ball: 1.5" in diameter
  • This toy is great for interactive play with your cat, or your cat can play alone anytime the mood strikes ~ bell will alert you to when your cat is at play!
  • Ball portion is stuffed with plant derived, non-toxic Fiberfill.
  • Made in USA
HELPFUL HINT: Just squeeze and agitate toy to recharge the catnip scent. Fresh catnip can also be rubbed on the outside of the toy.

Read "How Catnip Effects Your Cat" on our blog.


Reviewed by galaxyglue on Dec 24, 2018
Wonderful and a big hit with the kittos. Thanks!
Natural Fibers Cat Toy