Microwave Heating Pad, Scented or Unscented, Pink Cat Faces

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Use these heating pads cold from the freezer for injuries, or hot from the microwave for aches and pains. Microwave your heating pad straight from the freezer for therapeutic moist heat! 

Removable, washable covers makes these pads perfect for pets too!

Made using whole corn since corn holds both heat and cold the longest of all natural grains used as heating pad fill; as well as being the most comfortable for contouring to your body and staying put.

Makes a great bed warmer for you or your pet!

Safer than corded heating pads because there are no cords to trip over.

Heat slowly dissipates so no chance of overheating.

Material: 100% cotton.

Measures: 11" Long x 8" Wide

Directions & freezer bag included with each pack.

NOTE: Please check for hot spots before using! Move pack from hand to hand to mix the corn while checking the heat level. This is especially important for a pet or person unable to vocalize discomfort!