About Our Homemade Dog Treats

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We originally started making our own dog treats simply because we wanted a healthier alternative for our own beloved dogs. We also always seemed to be battling allergies of some sort with our dogs and, after some extensive research, we learned that wheat, along with soy and corn, are very common allergens in dogs. When you take a look at the offerings at the big box stores, you will quickly discover most treats contain one or more of these ingredients along with artificial colorings, flavorings, etc. Plus, the "healthy alternative" treats are usually very expensive, very limited in flavors and usually not a crunchy type treat. I like crunchy treats because portion control is so much easier - just snap off a smaller portion and save the rest for later. It's also easier to give our small dog a "Sammy-size" portion. (As a matter of fact, Sammy gets to taste test each batch we make!)

Here at K Farms, we are very proud of our Homemade Dog Treats and we hope you, and your dog(s), love them as much as we do. Below, we have listed some of our ingredients along with a brief explanation.

About The Ingredients:
Organic Oat Flour: We use oat flour instead of wheat since wheat, along with corn and soy, are very common allergens in dogs. Oat flour is also more nutritious than wheat, soy or corn.
Farm Fresh Eggs: We only use eggs from our very own chickens. This is key to insuring the quality and nutrition of our treats. We know our chickens are well taken care of, happy, and only fed the best, which translates into a much more nutritious treat for your dog.
Other Ingredients: All other ingredients are human grade, meaning we purchase them in the local food market where we do our own food shopping, (i.e. turkey, peanut butter, etc.). We do not compromise on quality.

Our Promise: Every bag of K Farms Homemade Dog Treats will be made with the same amount of love and care that you would expect and demand for your own beloved dogs. And, each batch will be taste tested by the cutest quality control officer ever.


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